Priceline Group goes into BAT

One of the many reasons why Priceline Group has become the biggest  travel business in the world by market capitalization is its mastery of search engine marketing.

While some question the wisdom of spending billions of dollars on Google Ads, Priceline’s party-line response is that it only spends so much because the returns make it worth its while.

At an event in Italy last year, its CEO Glenn Fogel, head of worldwide strategy at the time, said: “Any channel that gives us a good return on investment we will consider spending more on.”

And, according to Fogel, part of its slowly-slowly approach to cracking China is making sure it understands the specifics of how China’s search market works before diving in.

Google dominates most search markets outside of China, with a few local exceptions. But in China itself there are three search engines for the Priceline team to get their SEM heads and budgets around – Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent.

Fogel talked about this and other issues specific to its plans for China in an interview with China Travel News. Click here to read the interview in full.

NB This article is republished as part of Tnooz’s content partnership with China Travel News.

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