Mobile app startups – 4Suites, Sidewalk, Tourist App

This is a regular roundup of some of the latest mobile application startup launches in travel covering everything from trip inspiration and planning to virtual assistants.



What is it?

The enables hotel guests to manage their stay via smartphone. Services with the mobile app include pre-check in, opening doors and checking out. The system works by is easy replacing the striking plate (the part where the lock falls into, not the lock itself) which connects to 4Suites’ wireless hardware.

Who’s behind it?

4Suites was founded a year ago by:

Lennart de Haan, Johan de Haan, Ivo Elshof and Sander Geels. Koen Bentvelsen) is its first employee, working with the startup since the beginning.

Is there a problem you’re trying to solve?

Bentvelsen says:

“We want hotels to be able to become smart without big investment costs. There are some other parties (not many yet) which offer somewhat the same, but the investment costs are way higher for hotels.

“We want to disrupt the industry with our relatively cheap and easy way of becoming smart. The hotel industry deserves tailored innovation in a rapidly changing world of technology.”

Anything else? (accelerators/funding etc?)

So far the startup says its has attracted some funding with more news to come. It is also participating in the startup pitch finals of The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam in May.



What is it?

The startup describes itself as an app (for iOS and Android) that provides guided neighborhood walks created by anyone with stories to tell about places they know and love.

Who’s behind it?

Jason Donahue, co-founder and CEO

Dave Hotchkiss, co-founder and CTO

Is there a problem it’s trying to solve?

“Sidewalk is built to share narratives and perspectives of the world. When exploring a city – whether it’s a far-off destination, or familiar place -being pointed in the right direction simply isn’t enough.

“Sidewalk provide stories and context to your surroundings, and these stories add value.”

Anything else (funding/accelerators etc)

Sidewalk is free to use and anyone can become a guide by creating a walk of their own, using the creation platform.  A gratuity-based system then allows guides to earn gratuities as others experience their walks.


Tourist App

What is it?

Tourist App aims to allow tourists to find tour guides on demand and in real time.

Who is behind it?

Joseph Kunin – co-founder.

Is there a problem it’s trying to solve?

The startup says:

“Tourist App liberalizes the traveler from scheduling and planning headaches and allows one to just decide, last second, what their plans should be and let everyone else satisfy their touring needs.

“In the past, a traveler had to adapt to the way the travel and tourism industry functions based on its legacy methods of operation, whereas today, Tourist App reverses the mindset and forces the same industry to adapt to the traveler’s needs instead, this is very powerful!”

What else?

Already launched in New York City. The startup says it’s growing organically but is also open to investment.

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