Landmarks features highly in Facebook check-in study

Restaurants and historic places were the two most popular categories that Facebook users “checked-in” on the social network in the summer season of 2016.

Data released by Facebook, also covering sister photo-sharing site Instagram, coincides with a ramping up of efforts to target travel brands with its Dynamic Ads platform – with airlines added last week to the sectors now included in the programme.

The report into activity during the US’s warm months last year indicated that 92% of all “summer-related conversations” took place via mobile device.

Following leading check-ins, restaurants and historic places, came bars, parks and recreational activities as the most popular categories.

On both Facebook and Instagram, travel is the fourth most popular topic of conversation.

facebook landmark IQ

Travel-related topics experience a “spike” on Saturdays, Facebook says.

landmark mobile 2

NB: Landmark mobile image via Pixabay.

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