Kiwi gives multi-city travellers a new option continues to develop new applications based around its “virtual interlining” technology with the launch of an upgrade to its multi-city trip search.

The new tool, known as NOMAD, is based on’s proprietary algorithms and works for travellers who want to visit a number of cities. Currently, Kiwi is able to create and book trips for people who want to visit cities A, B, C and D by creating a virtual interline itinerary using its in-house tech to connect flights from different airlines.

The order of the trip and the length of stay in each city needs to be defined at the initial search stage.

What NOMAD does is create a range of options taking in all the designated stops, but shuffles the order of the stops in order to find the cheapest route. So rather than a price based around a linear A to B, then B to C then C to D then D back to A (if the option to return to the original destination has been selected) NOMAD finds the cheapest route taking in all the cities, which could be A to D, D to B, B to C, then C back to A.

NOMAD is currently in beta.

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