How consumers want airlines to communicate with them

Airlines, perhaps more than any other segment of the industry, have found that their mobile apps can be invaluable services in the lives of modern travellers.

Passengers can check-in, modify itineraries, buy ancillary products, get a boarding pass, etc.

But, in some respects, it’s still relatively early days for many passengers and airlines as they figure what whether the mobile is something that they need to use or should provide.

LivePerson recently undertook a survey of 1,200 US travellers that take a flight at least four times to understand what their mobile-airline requirements are and found that just over half (52%) had downloaded their preferred carrier’s app.

Interestingly, passengers in the 45 to 54 age range had the highest download rate (59%), compared to just 37% of 18 to 24s..

Other results include:

When asked why passengers have not downloaded an app

airlines app 1

Reasons why passengers would download an app

airlines app 2

Usage of app

airlines app 3

During lost luggage incidents

airlines app 4

Going old school, how do passengers feel about using call line

airlines app 5airlines app 6airlines app 7airlines app 8

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