Hotels posts on Facebook plateau after rapid rise and decline

After a few years of finding their feet, hotels appear to have found a level for the number of times they post content on Facebook.

For two years at the turn of the decade, around 25 posts a month was the common average amongst hotels in the industry.

This was the pinnacle and coincides with many properties seizing on the (essentially) free opportunity of making use of a new marketing channel.

But in recent years, according to data from digital marketing specialist Ryan Solutions, hotels have scaled back their activity somewhat to around 22 per month.

This has been the case for the last two full years of data from 1,100 hotel and resort profiles on Facebook: 2015 (22) and 2016 (22.5).

facebook posts hotels

The trend appears to be mirrored on other social media platforms.

Over at Twitter, the average volume of posts dropped by 20% between 2014 and 2015 but has since levelled out after 1.2% drop during 2016.

YouTube dropped by 14% in 2015 and only 5% in 2016.

Ryan Solutions surmises that initial the initial delines in 2015 were not “the beginning of the end” for hotels and their use of social media.

Instead, a decline and then a plateauing out signifies a “matter of marketers finding a more realistic, balanced pace for content posting schedules”.

NB: Facebook image via Pixabay.

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