Hotel video lengths shorten as attention spans and platforms do the same

A combination of time-poor consumers and the launch of short-form formats could be behind a gradual decrease in length of the humble hotel video.

Analysis of almost 50,000 online clips produced by hotels and resorts since 2007 found that the average length is now in the region of 100 seconds in 2016.

This is a substantial drop from the high of around 140 seconds in 2013 and is almost back to levels in 2006 when the tracking study was started by Ryan Solutions.

There was a steady increase in hotel video length between 2006 and 2013 but generally a marked decline ever since.

The drop between 2015 and this year is already 22%.

Ryan Solutions surmises that the gradual decrease in the average length of a hotel video has been influenced by a number of factors.

Alongside a perceived shortening of consumer attention spans due to the volume of content littering the web, especially as so much of that content is viewed on a mobile device, a shift has also occurred in the platforms many hotels and resorts will now be using.

Services such as Twitter-backed Vine and the launch of Instagram videos (both in 2013, with time limits of six and 15 seconds respectively) illustrate how the pressures on the creative elements within a marketing department are possibly impacting on the overall length of time deemed suitable for a clip.

The company predicts the downward trend in length will continue for a few years at least.

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