Finnair tests facial recognition for check-in

Finnair is testing facial recognition technology along with airport operator Finavia and Futurice at Helsinki Airport.

The trials are planned until the 23 May to see how the technology works with the airport and airline’s processes with 1,000 frequent flyers taking part.

Users will upload their pictures on to the face recognition system via an application and proceed to a designated check-in desk at the airport which has the technology installed.

An agent then checks the traveller’s information and verifies that the face recognition has worked.

Finnair is following in the steps of KLM which announced a trial of boarding via facial recognition earlier this year.

In a statement, Heikki Koski, vice president of Helsinki Airport for Finavia says:

“Facial recognition is part of the larger megatrend of biometric recognition, and it will enable travelling where you no longer need any travel documents.

When all travel-related information is digitised, it takes less time and is easier to get through the checkpoints at the airport.”

He adds that the airport tested facial recognition technology at the employee security control with positive results.

Futurice says its technology turns facial images into “untraceable bio-metric IDs.”

NB: Facial recognition image via Artoleshko for BigStock.

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