Expedia lets travellers ride the famous Flam Railway before they get there

Expedia in Norway has created another virtual reality-based tool so consumers can explore what is billed as one of the most beautiful train rides in the world.

It’s the third virtual reality tool developed for Expedia alongside existing projects such as one for a famous castle in Sweden and a walk-through of historic London.

The idea this time is to create a showcase of the Flam Railway in Norway (from the mountain station of Mydral to the sea-level village of Flam), with a 360-degree camera strapped to the front of the train.

Users can move the camera around within the online tool, allowing them to view the scenery as the train meanders down the mountain.

As the train progresses, information about the ride is shown as well as links to things that travellers can do along the route.

The project comes as the western Norway region celebrates becoming one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Scandinavia.

Here is the tool:

Virtual Flåm by Expedia.no

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