Airbnb seen as cheapest option for accommodation by many millennials

Either the marketing continues to wow younger travellers or it is correct that Airbnb is the cheaper provider of somewhere to stay when compared to hotels.

That’s an outcome to consider by hotel marketers following the release of a report by Lendedu, a US-based finance provider to millennials.

The company asked almost 2,000 college students how an Airbnb-sourced property compares to staying at a hotel.

Some 37% said it was the “cheaper, preferred option”.

This is compared to the 35% who consider the “benefits of a hotel are worth the added cost”.

Still, just over a quarter (27%) claimed that “Airbnb feels sketchy and not as accommodating”.

On the one hand, Airbnb should be rather pleased that it has caught the eye of so many in the emerging traveller audience.

But, as Lendedu warns, Airbnb will still have its work cut out.

“Airbnb must universally improve their operation so that visitors feel comfortable and accommodated in every single Airbnb dwelling.

“A large reason why hotels have been so successful is that they are typically a consistent, known commodity.

“Airbnb would skyrocket in popularity if they can ensure that customers are not playing Russian roulette with their travel accommodations.”

The organisation’s analysts claim that Airbnb could reach a 50% mark within a year or two of millennials that have used the service.

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