These products are 70 percent off or more for Prime Day 2017

Nothing tests your self-control like Amazon Prime Day. 

In the midst of the inner battle between what you need and what you want, it’s important to know what products are really on sale. 

If you’re looking to indulge in some items just for fun, the products featured below are all discounted 70% or more from their original price. At these rates it’s almost a crime if you don’t, right? 

Aerate your wine to perfection with this aerator that’s 73% off today. 

The Auraglow kit is 70 percent off and comes with enough product for two whitening sessions. 

At 82 percent off today, this waterproof bluetooth speaker is perfect for travel.

This surveillance camera is waterproof, wifi enabled, and 72 percent off today.

At 74 percent off, this eco-friendly fan will keep warm air circulating around your fireplace. 

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